Text Box: Nurses Association of Botswana
Arrangements are now underway to collaborate with the Nurses Association of Botswana with their Care for the Caregivers program by providing skills development training for nurses to conduct group counseling and support group sessions.  Tshedisa will also use sections of the Nurses Associationís Care for the Caregiver Manual in their Advanced Counseling Training and augment this manual with new sections in CBT, Stress Management, Creative Arts Therapy and Medication Adherence Counseling. 

Princess Marina Hospital (PMH)
The administration at Princess Marina Hospital has agreed to allow their clinical psychologists to hold office hours at Tshedisa enabling PMH staff to enjoy privacy and a supportive environment outside of the normal hospital setting.

Infectious Disease Care Clinic (IDCC) Princess Marina Hospital
Staff at the IDCC has kindly agreed to consult and provide assistance in any aspects of HIV/AIDS treatment and education that may become necessary including appropriate patient transfers, admission assistance at PMH and conducting on-going educational classes in HIV/AIDS clinical care.

Makgabaneng Serial Drama & Community Based Reinforcement Activities
The directors of Makgabaneng Radio Drama have agreed to hold bi-weekly writing and discussion groups centering on topics presented in their weekly radio drama.  Participants will be allowed to develop their writing skills while at the same time focusing on HIV/AIDS issues that should be addressed in the community.

Blossom Substance Abuse Centre
As substance abuse continues to plague efforts to battle HIV/AIDS, members of Blossom Substance Abuse Centre have agreed to hold weekly support groups for individuals facing the compounded challenges of recovery and chronic illness