As an institute that prides itself on promoting self- awareness, Tshedisa either encourages, develops or teaches the importance of understanding individual and community needs and wants as well as the need to express them comfortably in a non-threatening environment. Tshedisa embarks on a personal journey with everyone through the provision of workshops and/ seminars. Examples include the following;

Communication- Parents and children

Communication- Couples

Personal finance

Voice Training

Back Care

Art Therapy

Advanced skills for the Counselor

This is aimed at counselors and healthcare providers who deal and have a background of counseling. The main emphasis is on how a counselor/healthcare provider can take care of his or her emotional needs.

Modules include;

Stress management

Skills for managing stress cognitively as well as a collection of relaxation exercises will be introduced. Exercises for conducting stress management will be provided to all participants and will include topics such as effective versus ineffective coping, assertiveness and anger management.

Medical adherence Counseling

Review of all first line and second line ARV medications will be presented with special attention given to new formulations such as Tenofovir, Abacavir and Kaletra. Review of dosing, regiments and side effects will be included. Factors affecting adherence will be discussed with special attention given to counseling in failure management.

Introduction to creative arts therapy/group supervisory process

Application for the use of the creative arts therapies (i.e. story telling, dance and visual arts) in health care settings will be introduced. Group counseling, team building and supervisory skills will also be introduced for training of support group leaders.

Body Centered Therapies/Movement & Relaxation Techniques

Daily activities will begin with body centered therapies— yoga, stretching, breathing and deep Relaxation exercises. Experiential techniques will be shared to compliment and address chronic  bio-psychological disorders with particular attention given to coping with anxiety and depression.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (part II)

Key elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will be introduced with special attention given to the use of thought records to restructure distortions which can lead to burnout, depression and anxiety. Applications to general counseling therapy sessions and healthcare sessions will be included.

Grief/Bereavement/Mourning (part II)

Information will be presented on the theories of “normal” grieving, complicated bereavement, unresolved grief and grief in children. Skills applicable to counseling in death of children, heads of households, HIV/AIDS patients and those of extreme violence (i.e. “passion killings”), will be introduced. Special attention will be given to techniques applicable to the cultural context of Botswana.

Pre-requisites: minimum of 1year experience in counseling with completion of an introductory counseling course (IDM, Lifeline, nursing school.) Doctors & nurses welcome.








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